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Mészáros Pál Winery

The Mészáros Pál Winery, one of the most prominent producers in the Szekszárd Wine Region, invited me to redesign the labels for their popular "Classic Selection" wines and to introduce a new premium line, "Grandiózus." The goal was to create a design that honors the traditions of the winery while presenting a clean and contemporary image.

Package design, illustration


Mészáros Pál Winery


Mészáros Pál Classic Selection cover
Mészáros Pál Classic Selection Logo
Mészáros Pál Grandiózus text
Grandiozus Cabernet Sauvignon 3D render

The "Grandiózus" family

The Mészáros Pál Winery aimed to create a premium-looking product with a focus on typography and material usage, and designed it on special French glass. The result is a product that exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Experimentation design with bee-eater


The initial phase of the project involved exploring various themes and designs. An attached watercolor, depicting an illustration of a European bee-eater (a local bird), serves as an example of the experimentation conducted in this phase.

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