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Pope visit, Csíksomlyó

In 2019, a campaign was organized in celebration of the Pope's visit to Csíksomlyó. My responsibilities included creating a leather-bound album, available in both Hungarian and Italian, showcasing Hungarian saints and blesseds as a gift for the Pope. Additionally, I prepared local molinos, publications, a picture booklet for distribution among pilgrims, and the decoration for the gala dinner that was held in honor of the Pope.

Service: Identity design, Implementation, Illustration




Magyar Szentek és Boldogok

Originally featuring a couple of Hungarian saints for billboard designs the customers asked for their own illustrations. As a result, the oil paintings of St. Stephen, St. Ladislaus and St. Elizabeth (painted on wood fiber) I created.

During the preparation process of the campaign, it turned out that since all the Hungarian saints and blesseds depictions will be needed, it would take years to prepare them, so the choice fell on old classics.

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