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About Me

As a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience, I have honed my skills to deliver work independently and precisely on multifaceted tasks. I have led successful projects as an art director and senior designer. For me, work is not just a means to earn a living; it’s also an opportunity to make a positive impact and contribute to something meaningful. I strongly believe that doing good work is essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That’s why I’ve always strived to create work processes that enable me to experience the flow state.


Overall, I approach every project with a serious yet light-hearted attitude, bringing creativity, precision, and passion to every task.


2011 - 2023
A77 Studio


Art Director & Senior Designer

2020 - 2022, National Dance Theatre

Contributed to the development of a comprehensive, medium-term strategy for the National Dance Theatre. Conducted an examination of the institution's operations and collaborated in designing and executing short-term, focused marketing communication campaigns. 


Art Director & Senior Designer

2021, Royal Paté

Developed identity and packaging designs for Royal Paté, a premium Hungarian fattened foie gras manufacturer.


Art Director & Senior Designer

2019, Mészáros Pál Winery

Redesigned the labels for the popular "Classic Selection" wines and introduced a new premium line, "Grandiózus," for the Mészáros Pál Winery, one of the most prominent producers in the Szekszárd Wine Region.

Art Director & Senior Designer

2005 - 2023, Patricius Winery

Collaborated with Patricius Winery, one of the leading wineries in the Tokaj wine region, for over a decade to develop and enhance the brand's visual identity. Contributed to the premium packaging of the winery, including wine labels, decorative packaging, gift boxes, as well as publications and promotions.

Art Director & Senior Designer

2019, Harmat Liget Residential Park

Established the brand for the Harmat Liget Residential Park, a multi-phase project, by developing a visual identity, making suggestions for brand usage, designing portal decoration, and launching a promotional sample campaign.

Art Director & Senior Designer

2019, Pope visit, Csíksomlyó

Created a leather-bound album featuring Hungarian saints and blesseds in both Hungarian and Italian, to be presented as a gift to the Pope during his visit to Csíksomlyó in 2019. Prepared local publications, molinos, a picture booklet for pilgrims, and decoration for the gala dinner held in honor of the Pope.


Art Director & Senior Designer

2016, Richter Gedeon Pharmacy Network

Unified the portal plans for the Romanian pharmacy network of the pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter in accordance with hundreds of building fronts and monument protection regulations.

Art Director & Senior Designer

2015, Expo Milano, Hungarian pavilion

Developed the appearance of the Hungarian pavilion at the 2015 Milan World's Fair, prepared its brand manual, and created concepts to promote Hungary.


Art Director & Senior Designer

2011 - 2014, Bioeel

Created packaging plans for medicines, dietary supplements, and cosmetics for Bioeel, a Transylvanian pharmaceutical company.


Art Director & Senior Designer

2011, Partner in Pet Food

Developed the Brand Book for Partner in Pet Food, an innovative, leading European pet food company producing branded pet food and own-label products for retailers.

2005 - 2009
Addenda Advertising

Art Director & Senior Designer

2006, EUfonika

As part of the EUfonika (a telecommunications brand offering low-cost landline telephone services in Romania) launch, I was responsible for creating the brand book and other supplementary materials for the Hungarian Telekom.


2007 - 2008

Autodesk Maya Generalist

3D Software

Mesharray Digital Media School, Budapest

1999 - 2003

Department of Painting

Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca 

(Universitatea de Arta si Design, UAD)

1990 - 1998

Department of Painting

Lyceum of Arts, High School, Marosvásárhely

(Liceul de Arta, Targu-Mures)

Clients I worked with

National Dance Theatre logo
Royal Pate logo
Essentia Gourmet salon logo
Coca-Cola logo
Harmat Liget logo
Prevost logo
Meszáros Pál winery logo
National Széchényi Library logo
Hungarian PEN club logo
Amc logo
PPF logo
GyEA logo
Gedeon Richter logo
Magyar Telekom logo
Örökmozgó mozi logo
Lilly logo
Daten Kontor logo
Patricius winery logo
Nemzeti Vagta logo
Manda digital archive logo
ICRC logo
Bioeel Logo
Knorr logo
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